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View of Ramallah from its tallest building

View of Ramallah's tallest building

Al Manara Square - The center of Ramallah

One of the Lions in Al Manara representing one of the original founding families of Ramallah. No idea why he's wearing a wrist watch.

Neither Stars nor Bucks, but decent coffee

Mural in downtown Ramallah

No, this is not a gentlemen's club... It's a hair salon. "Saloon" means "salon" in Arablish

Yummy green olive pizza and Italian chicken sandwiches

Pronto - The Italian restaurant where I spend entirely too much time

Inside Pronto. Mmmmmm red wine...

The good old days

Pronto looks out over the Ramallah Municipality Park

Zan, the bar where everybody knows your name
(I took this pic on a weekday - weekend nights, it's hoppin')

Ziryab coffee house

All the artwork on the walls is done by the owner

Sangria's lovely beer garden

Sangria's lovely beer garden

Palestine's lovely beer, Taybeh. Taste the Revolution.

Snobar outdoor cafe and public pool on a long, lazy summer Sunday


Ramallah at dusk

My friend John's wedding in the Latin Church in Ramallah

A pretty corner in this lovely church

Poster for Circus Behind the Wall

Palestinian Circus School - adult training session

My first Trapeze lesson

Ramallah Cultural Palace

Concert at the French Cultural Center by a mixed Palestinian and international group

There had to be one, right?

Jawwal, Palestine's cell phone company, has a swanky new headquarters

Plaza Mall in Al Bireh just north of Ramallah

Bir Zeit University, the most prestigious university in Palestine, a few miles north of Ramallah

Acqua Viva - A fun park north of Ramallah

The Freedom Theater in Jenin Refugee Camp

Harvesting olives in Salem village, near Nablus

All the land in the photograph (except the most distant mountains) belongs to Salem, but Israeli settlers
have built an Israeli-only road as well as an enormous trench through it and taken control of huge areas of it

While shepherds watched their flocks by night...

View of Salem village from the fields

Harvesting those dusty dark lavender fruits

My friend's horse

Another friend in a tree

Me in a tree

Me not in a tree

A friend on a horse

Palestinian Zorro?